Where To Be Till Saturday

Essential Places To Be

Escapism in Swiss-Forex will prevail in the markets, no matter what. With the Swissie in check against the once-volatile and seemingly risky Euro, the fun has receeded from the trading floor. Drachma be gone. Imminent Euro implosion has proven to be nothing more than a doomsday fantasy of the ever-pessimistic, who were quick to pounce upon the currency's structural weakness and poured their horrors into the suction of the ever-hungry sensationalist media. Stick to your views and sooner of later you will be cast into the spotlight as a Guru by the popular press, always on the lookout for contrarian commentators with a "track record", however slim. That will emerge automatically, by keeping a constant view, no matter what. And it can be boosted in importance by the power of focussed "journalism".

Do also visit the Llama, Platinum metal club, all for pets, and hope you never get a depression from trading or sick with diabetes. If you're out clubbing, check out Gästeliste for Switzerland, Winter is flu-time, that's when you'll need to go for Halsfrei. masking the wears and tears of a tough day with Cosmetics in Switzerland.

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